The Fool

When I think of the Fool I always imagine an innocent soul standing on the edge of a precipice ready to take a leap into the unknown.

Some would say this is 'Foolish" hence his name, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could tap into that positive innocence? That playful, youthful soul that resides in all of us, the one who is unencumbered by doubt, experience, self-imposed limitations, and fear.

Life experience can often weigh us down. Whilst wisdom is valuable and rich, some life experiences can leave us avoiding activities and situations that may have brought us pain or ended badly in the past. While we are avoiding making the same mistakes, we sometimes close ourselves off from new experiences and assume that because something ended in a certain way previously, that history is destined to repeat itself if we follow a similar path this time.

Learning from mistakes is important if we are to avoid people and situations that hurt us, but its important to remember that while you are being hurt you are learning, growing and evolving.

The Fool feels no fear because as card 0 he is at the start of his journey, he has no benchmark by which to measure his experiences. When opportunities present themselves, he makes choices based on what he wants to do, not what he should do in order to protect himself from what MIGHT happen.

So when the Fool appears in your reading, it could be that you are being urged to avoid fears, explore an opportunity and avoid creating a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' energy which can draw in the very thing that you fear most.