The Lotus Tarot Signature Deck
by our resident graphic design artist Angie

After more than 3 years of diligent effort by Angie, we are delighted to announce the deck is now complete and available for purchase.

Modelled on the Rider Waite Smith deck, with major arcana influence from Paul Foster Case's BOTA, this is a fully authentic esoteric deck that will require very little adaptation for readers who are familiar with popular Rider-Waite tarot concepts and symbolism.

Because this is a deck designed for actual day-to-day use, rather than a hobby/art collector's deck, we've made a considerable effort to print the cards on the highest possible quality card stock. Manufactured by The Expert Playing Card Company using a special, proprietary finishing technique, the cards are sensuous to the touch, flexible and durable, a joy to shuffle, spread and deal, and won't easily crease or fray at the edges. In fact, this deck should last you about 5 times longer than those printed on standard quality card stock.


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Major Arcana

Fool > Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcana

Justice > The World










Please note: Due to the nature of modern screen image rendering, enhanced vibrancy on many devices, and real world printing on linen card stock, the hues and saturation of the card images may appear differently on the actual cards compared to the images you see here on the website.


Lotus Tarot Signature Deck

Casino-grade durable card stock
Luxurious silky linen finish
Unique, rigid, magnetic close box

Limited first edition: 1000 decks

(free worldwide shipping)


Collecter's Item - Uncut Print Sheets

Set of 3 sheets - all 78 cards
(for framing/hanging)
Personally signed by the artist Angie

Limited: 25 sets

$195 (free worldwide shipping)