The Fool

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. " - TS Eliot

The Fool is the initiator and the cosmic child of innocence. He is in a perfect state of joy and feels freedom from everything that comes his way. He is feeling at one with the spirit of life.

The Fool represents absolute freedom in infinite possibilities.

He is Infinite Creation having a human experience. He belongs to no one and is not bound by any rules that are man-made. He is not set in any direction but is carried forth by the spirit of his eternal enthusiasm and he trusts in all that comes his way.

The Fool also indicates that everything happens at once. This is special as the concept of "all" happens at the same time and is relative to who and what your intentions are. Every moment is a new beginning. This card represents change, bringing motion to ideas, the very beginning of all things new - all you can aspire to be.

He shows that you do not see the end, but everything at once. Insight comes to you on the path of challenge; embrace these changes as if you were born to do what you have always wanted to do.

In Readings the Fool is often a little too carefree, but if he can remain grounded and remember who he is, this is also seen to be a very good position to be in. He is usually shown with an animal, a symbol of nature. The animal represents the perfect soul in perfect harmony with the spirit. All that follows is divine inspiration.

The Fool is courage, optimism and has belief in life and himself. When times are hard, we suffer from the pressures of 'being reasonable' or denying our instincts. This card reminds us that our inner person knows best what to do. Always trust your instincts.

At times of imbalance: The Fool highlights a sudden loss of structure due to irresponsibility, useless daydreaming and not coming to terms with moving this energy to practicality. Feeling childish and behaving in a hurt manner are also part of not loving oneself as is a destructive recklessness or carelessness, at times surrounding oneself with wild projects to keep from standing still because there is a hidden or veiled fear of facing one's own selfless ideals. The Fool will keep busy at times with many things that will not be emotionally satisfying just to avoid facing what is internal.

Medicine: Follow your dream and let it materialize into reality; do it with no fear, be ever hopeful. Celebrate your spontaneity in the strength of wholeness. There is no control in the flow of what you decide to do. The Fool helps you to find the flow from the heart in the ambient flow of the universe. Balance is important for the creative flow in shifting and breaking down of old structures or beliefs in limitations - to work on the internal balance with your head and your heart, to use all your senses as the gifts that were given to all of us when we come here.

To breathe means to be alive, So BREATHE SLOWLY IN AND EXHALE SLOWLY OUT honoring the moment of the soul, purity, innocence and harmony of the universe. At this moment our breath connects us to our world. The Fool is not packed for a major earthy journey. This is the quest of a higher order, a higher understanding of life, an Ascension of Thoughts and Ideas, elevated in our understanding of the situation that we face and thus we undertake such a journey.

We constantly balance, judge and criticize ourselves, even after we have passed on, when all that remains are what we have left behind. While we are in the living we are given the options and the will to learn how to balance our lives.

The energy of the Fool will challenge you to take the risk, make the leap in the dark, break with convention. Reach for independence. Draw the first Breath and heal any wounds; break the power they have over you, preventing you from feeling fearless. If you have given your power to another, who uses it to control you, take this power back. Challenge your own belief systems, those old feelings that make you feel trapped.

Ask, "Who am I? Where am I going?"

Are you a projected image of someone else's mental idea or the social norm that you feel you must fall into, to fall into or to descend to another's vision? Look at your heart in the way you feel about everything around you, with a sense of fresh inspiration every day. Enjoy excitement and look constantly for that which is new and be amazed.

Learn to become flexible, open and not fixed. Allow great opportunities to happen for yourself by loving and forgiving yourself. There are two types of enlightenment: luminescence of sun and lightness in weight - how fixed or how childlike and innocent. Learn to identify the good that can come from old hurts, so that you can move on in your enlightened journey.

We explore the world through our 5 senses. This means that we are perceiving everything in the present moment all the time. At times we step onto unknown paths; we trust that we are guided and that our thoughts and how we feel about things around us affect our immediate environment. We are thus a reflection of the world that we live in.

This journey never ends. It is only the beginning and balance is maintained by being in a loving state of awareness and having positive expectations.

Being is often taken for granted. However, even though we seem to understand being, its meaning is still veiled. Therefore we need to question the meaning of being while we are in existence.

Mantra: I walk in life with absolute trust.