Lotus Tarot Privacy Policy

We dislike unrequested marketing as much as you do!

We promise never to share your email address, your name, your details or anything else you give us with anyone at all!

You will only ever receive emails from us when you have asked for them, with the exception of administration emails from the webmaster that concern your particular Lotus Tarot account.

As part of our free reading service, and ONLY if you have opted for it, we will email you once each week with information about the tarot cards in order to enhance your reading experience with us. You can stop these emails at any time by logging into your account and switching Lotus Mail to 'OFF'.

Any email we send you will also include an unsubscribe link.

If you ever receive spam or junk email from someone claiming to be from Lotus Tarot, then please click here to report it to our webmaster.