The Fool

Our immediate response to the Fool may be one of concern or even embarrassment.

Take a second look.

The Fool risks appearance for the sake of experience. He dares take a risk, thus becoming a learner. This is the key to a vibrant life, all that is really expected of us on earth.

We are forever learners.

The Fool may jump into a situation without the skills to handle what happens next. Yes, this is how he gains his skills. As a result, in the long run it is often the Fool that embodies true wisdom although he does tumble and fall along the way.

Are you entering a situation without asking enough questions? Are you up for the journey with both the challenges and the rewards you may receive? Would it serve you to do some personal research on those potentially involved in your plans? Do you need some more preparatory education or skill before proceeding? Or are you ready to jump off the cliff to experience whatever occurs?

This card urges you to look at how you are currently participating in life. You are invited to examine your decision and planning style. The Fool is not about right and wrong, better or worse, but rather the intricate introspection of effects.

Your life is in your hands. Wherever you end up, you learn and grow. You can change gears at any time. A smooth or bumpy ride, however, is quite a different experience. What kind of experience do you prefer?

If the Fool goes astray, it behooves you to be very honest with yourself. The wayward Fool is one who has gone into complete denial rather than rising to the learning invitation the chosen path necessitates.

Think about your main intention. What do you wish to experience, accomplish, or create? What is the time frame you imagine? What are your criteria for a positive experience? Does a choice or plan you are making support all this or require some adjustments before proceeding?

Sometimes the wheel of karma pulls us toward an experience that looks messy to everyone else. But, we must follow our own heart and sometimes a messy experience also contains the greatest gifts of love and care.

One thing is for certain. If you picked the Fool, you are listening to your own soul or will. You are not following another's map of what they think you should do! Bravo!

However, the exception to this is the wayward Fool. He may fall for another's purposeful deception at that person's gain and the Fool's downfall. He may be pretending to head for something fully idealistic though it is unrealistic. He may be prone to be taken advantage of, whereas the Fool who is on path is following his own heart and soul regardless of others' opinions. You are a wonderful person so do be cautious as needed.


What emotional reality am I seeking? Are my choices supporting this?

What mental reality am I seeking? Are my choices supporting this?

What physical reality am I seeking? Are my choices supporting this?

What spiritual reality am I seeking? Are my choices supporting this?

Do I really have a choice in this matter or is a higher purpose orchestrating?


Meditate on the place in yourself that knows all is well regardless of which way you go.

Feeling “all is well" within, make the best choice, knowing some ways are more pleasing than others.