The Fool

There is a lightness to your emotions and thoughts which may either be the making of you or get you in a whole heap of trouble.

There is a saying “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread".

As you can see from the image on this card, Angels may well fear to tread where this Fool is headed… right towards the edge of a cliff without looking at where he is going.

If someone is not treating you well, do to not approach them until they have started acting in a more grown up fashion. If you were to try opening communication and/or talks with them while they are showing up as the card of the Fool, you may find that you get yourself nowhere in a hurry with anything you wish to discuss.

You will, more likely than not, find yourself more frustrated than when you first began the conversation. In fact, the Fool is totally focused on himself rather than anything around him. It may well be that he needs to learn his lessons along the way, before he wakes up and realises the problems he has caused for himself.

On a more positive note, the Fool can represent a new beginning for you. One where you strive forward no matter what the risks, and with a bit more planning may find yourself landing firmly on your feet.

If you feel like taking a chance, then this is the card for you, as it brings with it a sense of adventure and playfulness that will take you far.

Just make sure you look where you are going.