Lesson Twelve Quiz

Here's the final test to see how much of the course you've managed to grasp and retain. Good luck.

Q1: What does the suit of Wands represent?

creativity, work, career
emotions, love, relationship
challenges, intellect
money, material possessions

Q2: What astrological sign would be associated with the Queen of Swords?


Q3: What element is associated with the suit of Pentacles?


Q4: What card could represent a man aged under 35, with the astrological sign Virgo

King of Pentacles
King of Wands
Knight of Pentacles
Knight of Wands

Q5: Which card is most likely to warn of financial loss?

9 of Pentacles
5 of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles

Q6: Which Major Arcana card indicates the need to give someone or something up?

The Hermit
The Fool
The Hanged Man
The Emperor

Q7: In the Celtic Cross spread, the 7th position represents:

How you see yourself
How others see you
Your subconscious thoughts
Your hopes and fears

Q8: Which cards are used in the 4 Aces spread

4 Aces and Whole Deck
4 Aces and Minor Arcana
4 Aces and Major Arcana
4 Aces and Court Cards

Q9: Which 2 cards often have their number swapped in different decks?

Justice and Temperance
The Hermit and Temperance
The Hermit and Strength
Justice and Strength

Q10: Which major arcana card follows The World

The Magician
The Fool
None of the above