Lesson 6: The numbered cards 1 to 10 of the Suit of Swords

ace of swords

So here we are half way through the course already!

Are you starting to get to grips with the minor arcana now? How did you find the 3 card reading, having the 1-10 of both Wands and Cups added to the Major Arcana? Hopefully you can see a fuller, more detailed story starting to emerge from the cards now.

We will move on now with the 1-10 of Swords, but only do this when you feel ready to.

As always keep practising and practising, the more often the better, and be sure to keep taking notes of your own insights as you go along.

This lesson focuses on the numbered cards for the suit of Swords. As they represent the intellect, they often indicate stress and anxiety, and you will need to develop a sensitive and tactful way of communicating the meanings of these cards.

So onto the third suit, the Swords!

This suit is associated with the element Air, representing light, intellect, and clear, rational thought.

Positive attitudes associated with this suit are justice, truth, ethical priciples and decisiveness.

Negative attitudes associated with Swords are disharmony, conflict, animosity, unhappiness and sometimes illness.

Take out from your deck the numbered cards 1-10 of Swords and keep the remaining cards wrapped in your cloth.

Like you did in previous lessons, focus on the first card, the Ace of Swords, and try to memorise some of the key words associated with the card. Make notes of any words or symbols you get from the card before moving onto the next one. Do this until you have done all 10.