The numbered cards 1 to 10 of the Suit of Swords - Part II

ten of swords

Ace of Swords

- Air
- positive: victory, mental clarity, necessary change
- negative: injustice, misuse of power, destruction

2 of Swords

- Peace restored
- positive: friendship in adversity, peace of mind, equilibrium
- negative: tension, deceit, disharmony

3 of Swords

- Sorrow
- positive: new beginnings
- negative: heartache, discord, acrimony

4 of Swords

- Rest from Strife
- positive: healing peace, withdrawal
- negative: exile, isolation, depression

5 of Swords

- Defeat
- positive: acceptance
- negative: treachery, spite, deceit

6 of Swords

- Earned Success
- positive: brighter future, respite, a journey
- negative: procrastination, failure to face up to problems

7 of Swords

- Unstable effort
- positive: diligence
- negative: lack of nerve, indecision, confusion

8 of Swords

- Shortened Force
- positive: patience
- negative: depression, hard work with little reward, restriction

9 of Swords

- Despair & anxiety
- positive: none
- negative: deception, disappointment, misery, isolation

10 of Swords

- Ruin
- positive: none
- negative: desolation, ruin, continued suffering

Spend some time with these cards and think about how you would convey negative messages to someone without knocking their confidence. How you can be truthful yet always convey hope and encouragement.


Practical Exercise for this week

Now extract the Major Arcana from your deck and then add the 10 cards of the Wands, Cups and Swords. Shuffle well and pick 3 cards - guess what's next ... Practice the reading with these extra cards, and again write your reading in your notebook.