Congratulations on your decision to learn the Tarot!

Pleasure of Tarot

You're going to have lots of fun learning how to use the Tarot to bring clarity and hope into your life, and the lives of those you choose to share your new knowledge with.

I believe it is a gift to be able to work with the Tarot cards and communicate with people at a metaphysical level, and of course there is a great meditative quality working with the cards for yourself.

This is why I don’t believe learning the Tarot should be treated ‘academically’.

Of course there is a lot to study and remember, however, your interpretations must be personal to you. In order to do this, you must learn to develop your own relationship with the cards by understanding the feelings, visions and insights you get from them.

This introductory course focuses on helping you begin to develop that relationship.

We won’t be covering the history of the Tarot in any great detail, as there are many sites that cover that subject very well, and of course there’s a plethora of books for that purpose.

I do recommend studying a number of Tarot books, as I always find something of value from all the very talented Tarot readers out there!

As you get to know the cards by studying other people’s interpretations, you will see that the cards have particular positive and negative meanings. What varies is how each of us communicates those interpretations.

In other words, all of us who work with the Tarot understand that there’s a 'standard' interpretation for each card, but we are each free to communicate that meaning in a way that reflects our spirit and personality.

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