Lesson Nine Quiz

This is a simple multiple choice test to see if you have grasped the basics of lesson 9. When you've answered all the questions, click the button at the bottom to see how you did. Good luck.

Q1: What event is asociated with the Page of Pentacles?

too much worry about financial matters
resolute action will lead to financial gain
improvements in your financial situation but patience is required
prudence, and careful money management is required

Q2: What appearance is associated with the Knight of Swords?

dark hair, dark eyes
dark hair, fair eyes
fair hair, dark eyes
fair hair, blue eyes

Q3: What positive associations are linked with the Queen of Pentacles?

financially responsible, down to earth
intelligent, independent
practical, hardworking
rational, authoratative

Q4: What negative associations are linked with the King of Swords?

materialistic, insensitive
critical, devious
devious, sarcastic
calculating, impersonal

Q5: Which Earth sign card could represent a man aged less than 35?

Knight of Pentacles
King of Swords
King of Pentacles
Knight of Swords