The Fool

When the Fool shows up in your reading, it's confirmation from Spirit that a brand new start is on the horizon for you. New energy is coming in that wants to whisk you down an entirely new path. You're on the cusp of an epic new journey!

The question is: "Are you ready to take the first step towards your fate?"

The Fool indicates that you've reached a point when it's time to move forward. But in order to move forward, it's vital to first release whatever has been holding you back from living your best life. The path unfolding before you will require faith, bravery, and courage.

This could mean letting go of a fear of failure, a lack of self-confidence, and/or caring too much about what others think. This energy of exciting new beginnings can refer to any and all areas of your life.

General Readings

When you receive the Fool in a general reading, it signifies that a new opportunity to expand your horizons is coming into your life. A new journey and adventure is being revealed to you. This new chapter is meant to help you align with your highest timeline. Destiny is at play now, but it's up to you to take the first step towards self-advancement. Have faith and trust that you will always be taken care of.


If you receive the Fool in a love reading, it signifies a new chapter relating to the relationships in your life. It's very likely that a new person will come in who has the potential for romance. Surprises are in store, and you may discover love in the most unusual of places! If you're coupled up, the Fool can indicate that there will be a fresh start of some sort in your relationship. You're on the cusp of starting a new chapter as a couple.


If you receive the Fool card in a career reading, this refers to a fresh start in regards to your career and/or finances. This new energy can signify a new job, a promotion, starting a new business, and/or a change of career. Make sure you're confident in whatever you do, and only take calculated risks that will help you secure a better future.

Negative Aspects

If the Fool shows up in your reading with negative aspects, this means that it's time to face your fears. Something has been holding you back from being able to learn and grow in a new way. It's important to distinguish between the limiting voice of the ego, and the expansive voice of the soul.

What is your HEART telling you to do? Don't allow the ego to talk you out of moving forward in a new direction. Remember, the only way to really grow is to get outside of your comfort zone and try new things.