Lesson Two Quiz

This is a simple multiple choice test to see if you have grasped the basics of lesson 2. When you've answered all the questions, click the button at the bottom to see how you did. Good luck.

Q1: What Major Arcana card is associated with these dates 22nd May – 21st June?

The Chariot
The Lovers
The Moon
The Hermit

Q2: Which of the following positive associations are most fitting for The High Priestess?

fertility, birth
intuitiveness, understanding
advice, wise counsel
choice, new love

Q3: Which of the following negative associations are most fitting for The Emperor?

obstacles, temporary bad luck
over inflated ego, selfishness
failed ambition, status driven
suspiciousness, fear

Q4: Which card symbolizes a need for careful consideration of issues and possibly a desire for peace and quiet and solitude?

The Hierophant
The Hermit
The Chariot
The Fool

Q5: If you were reading for someone who expressed a desire to fall pregnant, which of the following cards would confirm this possibility?

The Wheel of Fortune
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Empress