The Fool

The Fool, being the very first card of The Tarot, represents new beginnings. He is assigned the number 0, which is a great symbolic representation of this card. The shape of the 0 is that of an egg or a seed, both symbols for new beginnings. The 0 also represents completed cycles, endings and new beginnings.

When The Fool shows up in a reading it is often a sign that something new and exciting is about to happen.

You may soon find yourself at a crossroads, facing a life decision, and feeling the need to take a leap into the unknown. In order for a new phase to begin in life, risks must be taken and old phases and cycles must end. For a new way for life to manifest, the old has to die.

The Fool may depict a fresh start or some type of journey. In general, this card represents a new journey with a deep spiritual meaning or lesson. It also signifies big changes and decisions ahead that may not be easy to make. You may soon find yourself on a trip into the unknown.

This Fool is often looked at as impractical, spontaneous and innocent, someone who is unsure of which direction to take, or even where they may end up. But with each step he takes, something new is learned and progress is made.

Contrary to popular belief, he does not represent someone who is stupid, silly, or crazy. Instead, he represents being new at something and willing to take the leap and grow.

You may be entering a new phase of your life. This change may seem chaotic, exciting, or even scary at this time. However, it holds importance over your future and its lesson and influence will soon become clear to you.

You must be open to taking risks in your life. New opportunities for growth are on their way to you. A new level of happiness can be achieved if you have the courage to accept changes and risk feeling vulnerable and foolish. It's time to have courage, to shed old patterns and habits and to plant seeds of intention for a better you.

The Fool is a very powerful card because it indicates infinite possibilities and endless outcomes. It represents the spark where ideas take place, and something is made from nothing. It a sign of good luck or a good omen. It denotes that now is the time to drop your inhibitions, face your fears and travel into the dark unknown.