The Fool

Additional deck interpretation:

The Fool introduces you to a continuous cycle of change and the seventy-eight passageways of growth that will open up and lead you into new possibilities that are ready to be explored.

You might have a longing in your soul that calls for a change that cannot be ignored. This yearning for change alerts you to new opportunities related to personal and professional development.

The Fool ushers you into this journey of the great awakening.

This awakening is associated with a new beginning, the urge to try something different or to shed the past. It is also the time when you will begin to trust your instincts and believe in a higher power and what is possible for you to achieve!

This new journey that the Fool must embark upon was launched by the craving of his spirit for new experiences, a search for independence, and a need to shed all limitations. He may have a desire to walk where he has never walked before, to explore unknown territories.

Or perhaps it is the universe that is sending the Fool in search of new opportunities.

Regardless of the outcome, he will throw himself wholeheartedly toward the future. He will open his arms to new opportunities and act spontaneously, without fear of what lies ahead, because he trusts his instincts and is open to taking risks.

Numerical Number 0: The Fool is enumerated zero. His path is associated with a continuous cycle of change and growth! The number 0 is related to the beginning point of the Fool's journey. He is ready to begin his journey, experience something new and leave all limitations behind because he trusts in a higher power.

The Element of Air: The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus (the great awakener – the planet of unexpected changes). Uranus is the planet of the future and never abandons a path until it has secured the change.

Probable Outcome: You will leap into the unknown without fear of what lies ahead because you trust your instincts and also trust in a higher power.

You might decide to let the past go and start over because you are ready to take a risk and start something new that leads into personal or professional growth and development.

Possible Outcome: You are not ready to leap forward. You are too cautious because you made a bad decision in the past and are now facing a moment of doubt.

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Fool's energies into your lifestyle. If this is the case, then you are not willing to let your spirit take a magical carpet ride into the future because you do not trust your instincts, or you feel the need to do more planning before you are ready to take the leap of faith.

Timing: The Fool predicts that an important event may occur within the next 30 days.