Queen of Wands

You may be drawn to this lady because of her warm, open and friendly demeanor. She loves meeting new people, hearing new stories, flirting and laughing with other intelligent and humorous people.

However, she needs to feel valued. She will give of herself but will expect the same thing in return, if you take her kindness for weaknesses she will cool towards you very quickly. If you truly value her then make sure you show her!

This is a strong woman, fiercely loyal, a dynamic leader, but her power can often lead her to be labeled feisty, fiery or even a bitch.

The very qualities you love about this woman can be intimidating when they are aimed squarely at YOU!

She is the old fashioned 'strong woman behind every successful man', the mother who would lay her life down to protect her children and the friend who will stand by you whatever your adversity.

Do you need to embrace her energy?