Queen of Wands

Additional deck interpretation:

The Queen of Wands points you towards a path of developing and projecting kindness, consistency and loyalty as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change where your creative spark ignites and you are determined to live life to the fullest. Having learned from your past experiences, you use this knowledge to break new ground and move on with your life.

The Queen of Wands is fierce, passionate, forward, determined and knowledgeable, rather than brutish. She is direct and honest, arriving at her point quickly and she inspires you to live a more fulfilled life and be true to yourself. She can represent a person, an event, or a part of yourself (a previously dormant facet that has become active) that is urging you to enhance your life to the fullest.

The Queen is a good person to be friends with especially when you are going through a rough patch or crisis because she will help you see what you are missing and point you in the right direction. You cannot push her because she might get annoyed with you and tell you what she thinks because she is not emotionally weak, rather, she has a good heart and her intentions are honest and straight forward.

This Queen also has strong intuitive abilities and observes what is going on around her. If you double-cross her, she will use her instinctive, untamed animal nature and go after you.

The Queen of Wands refers to a significant person who will enter your life, an important event that will occur, or something unexpected that will surface. You might wonder why the Queen of Wands turned up in your reading! Is she trying to tell you something about yourself, or do you need to activate a part of yourself that has been dormant? Does the Queen come to tell you something about an important event that is surfacing?

Numerical Number 13: This number is associated with transformation, the time when new ground will be broken to achieve a personal/professional dream. You are at the end of one cycle and about to start a new passage of rebirth or an important lifestyle change.

The number 13 consists of: 1 (a new beginning) + 3 (rebirth and creating something new) = 4 (cleansed and purified and ready to build a new foundation).

The Element of Fire: The Queen of Wands is associated with the Sun (your personal power and secret vehicle to live life to the fullest) and the zodiac sign of Leo. The combination of the Sun in Leo gives you the power to meet challenges and not be led by others.

Probable Outcome: You have decided that it's the right time to stop looking back at the past, to reinvent yourself and move on to a fully-enhanced life.

You may be helping out a friend, family member or mother figure who is going through a rough patch or crisis or you may be working closely with a businesswoman, supervisor, counselor, authority figure or client.

Perhaps you recently had an interview and are hoping to start a new job or new career.

You have taken a risk and entered into a new relationship, or started a sexual relationship.

Or something might be going on behind the scenes that you can feel, but are not totally sure about, regarding someone who is jealous of you, or gossips about you, or an open enemy who stays close to you but wants you to fail.

Possible Outcome: You are not going to reinvent yourself because you like who you are and how far you have come.

You might be losing patience with a friend, family member or mother figure who may be going through a rough patch or crisis but is not listening to your asked-for advice.

You are working with a businesswoman, supervisor, counselor, authority figure or client who gets on your nerves.

A new relationship, perhaps sexual, that you took a risk to start, is not working out the way you thought and you might be close to ending it and cutting all ties.

You might be on the verge of leaving your job or considering a new career.

Something unexpected will surface and you might need to deal with gossip, an open enemy, or reach out for immediate assistance to overcome a challenge.

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Queen of Wands energies into your lifestyle. If this is the case, then you have arrived at your limitations with others and you might say it the way you see it and not care about the consequences.

Timing: The Queen of Wands is related to an important thought that is turned into action. This event may occur in the next 1-3 days.