Queen of Wands

This woman is dynamic and knows what she wants and how to get it. Not for her the holding back and being quiet in the background. She is more about getting in there and getting the job done whatever it requires.

She is loving, loyal and protective to those around her and when she loves, she loves fiercely.

The Queen of Wands generally denotes someone who is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or who has a lot of fire in their birth chart. She shows all the fine characteristics of these signs in that they are energetic, creative and go after what they want. She may be someone who is going to help you with a problem you currently have, or the characteristics attributed to her may be something you are aspiring to bringing into your own life because you need them to get ahead.

This is a great card to have if you want to get ahead in your career, because it shows you have the energy around you to accomplish this and others see it in you.

Your patience both with yourself and others may not be on the strong side just now, but who needs patience when you have so much to do and the energy to accomplish your goals! If anyone gets in this Queen's path she will tell them clearly what is on her mind, although she may need to work on delivering her words in a way that does not offend others.

If this is a woman in your life she may not be easy to deal with. Get on the wrong side of her and you will know what I mean.

She is an absolute treasure to have around when it comes to needing back up and support, but cross her and you will be on the receiving end of her sharp tongue and she is not renowned for holding back when it comes to speaking her mind.