Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a feisty lady who is passionate in all her pursuits, whether it be love, friendship, hobbies or career. Traditionally, she signifies a female with a fire element star sign such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. She has an irrepressible love for life and her temperament runs the gamut from lively to downright ferocious. Social, never afraid to try new things, and an avid animal lover, this is not your average woman who is content to play the milquetoast ingenue to win the object of her affections.

If you are in her crosshairs, she will strategically hunt you with laser sharp focus. If you are a love rival of this queen, you are advised to put your best foot forward because this lady has relentless stamina. Her stamina is not relegated to her emotional pursuits, as she is ardently devoted to her career as well and is well-equipped both physically and mentally to lead others as a CEO and to be at the helm of creative undertakings.

In her personal life, the Queen of Wands can often be counted on as a good friend, the sort who will be happy to help you out of any mishaps you have fallen into. Be warned, however, this queen's idea of love is "tough love": she will help you immensely but will expect you to do your part as well. That being said, she makes efforts to treat everyone as fairly as she can, although her manner of speaking can be somewhat abrupt and matter of fact. In her most negative manifestation, she is a domineering woman who stands between you and the things you desire. In this aspect she is a fearsome adversary and not above using unsavoury tactics to meet her goals.

In the Rider Waite deck the Queen of Wands is displayed wearing an amber coloured tunic which is associated with the solar plexus and confidence, of which this queen has in abundance. She is seated upon her throne with her legs wide open, This not only hints at her intrinsic sexual nature, but that she is also more masculine and domineering in her energy than the other queens. The black cat beside her not only displays her love of animals but also alludes to witchcraft, as does her wand. Some readers interpret these two items as showing a female who dabbles in the occult arts.

In a love reading the appearance of the Queen of Wands implies that your person of interest sees you as a feisty and commanding figure. They see you as flirtatious and sexually open but query whether or not you have the sentimentality that they are looking for. If paired with the King of Wands, the formation of a power couple ready to take on the world is predicted. In her negative manifestation, the Queen of Wands indicates a selfish, excessively sexual woman, who is only concerned with her own ambitions and does not care about those she tramples on her way to victory. In this aspect it is not a good omen if your partner sees you this way or if you are a woman whom the Queen of Wands seeks to defeat as a love rival.

In a work and career context the Queen of Wands is a very positive omen to receive. It indicates that you are or will become a leader in your chosen field, and will scale the ranks of power. This card is associated with high manifestation abilities. The Queen of Wands also shows that you are bursting with creative ideas, can become the owner of your own business and that you have a fighting spirit to excel. Of all the Queens, she is the one most likely to be a workaholic and concerned with her friends and ambitions rather than seeking a whirlwind romance.

Positive Aspects: lively loyal friend, dedicated, entrepreneurial, passionate, forthright, high business acumen, creative, extreme persistence

Negative Aspects: overly sexual, love rival, selfish, excessively ambitious, insensitive, domineering