Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands depicts a woman who is cheerful, enthusiastic and self-assured, as well as wholehearted. This card could represent a lively friend of yours or someone lively who is about to come into your life.

If she does not represent someone in your life right now, this card is calling on you to adopt some of her characteristics. Of course, preenting yourself as having the first three of those characteristics, without putting in the work behind reaching them, will just make things seem empty and fake.

If you are not feeling those three things towards something, you don't have to fake it. Just take the steps you can take so that you are on your way there with something that resonates with you authentically. When you do that, you become enthusiastic.

Our intuition guides us towards things for a reason. Sometimes we don't go towards those things because we think they aren't practical and they don't fit in with our lists of “should dos."

In my life, I have learned that the “want to dos" always pay off far more. And taking the time to explore what those are, seeing whether they work in your life or not, builds up a foundation in you that leads to the self-assurance this Queen represents.

Also, on the same topic of exploring things you are drawn to doing, finding situations where you are wholeheartedly putting your all into it also pays off. A lot of times we get scattered on our goals, forgetting that tackling things one at a time with all of our focus and intention will produce great results.

So if you are someone with a lot of interests, remember there is time for them when you finish one or two to start off with. When you half measure things to make sure you aren't missing out on others, you will eventually realize you are tackling every aspect of your life with half measures.

Throw yourself into something you're passionate about, and tackle other things later on. Your passion could be a big project, a weekend vacation away from it all, or something as simple as making a batch of cookies. Small or large, give it your full attention.