Lotus Tarot Affiliate Program FAQ

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That depends mostly on three things:

  1. The number of referrals you make
  2. The quality of those referrals
  3. The relevance of the place where you paste the link

The first one is obvious - the more people you refer to Lotus Tarot, the more chance you will have that some of them will make a purchase.

The quality of your referrals is very important though. A website with a loyal and trusting clientelle are much more likely to visit, register and purchase from a recommendation than a website with random passers-by. You can make a big difference to the quality of your referrals by making an effort to promote Lotus Tarot subtly and honestly from your website, rather than just posting a text link or banner without any description or personal testimonial.

Additionally, if your website teaches car mechanics you'll probably have less success than a website which offers astrology advice (for example)!

Commissions are paid within 3 working days of the 15th of each month for sales in the previous month provided your balance exceeds $50. If your commission balance is less than $50 it is rolled-over/carried forward to the next month.

Currently we can only pay commissions via PayPal.

If you have a very high traffic website and expect large volumes, please contact David if you are interested in becoming an affiliate and cannot accept PayPal.

Absolutely YES!

You can post as many links as you like, text and banner. As long as each link is properly formatted with your affiliate code, it will track your referrals.

You can even use up to 255 links each with a different 'sub-id' to compare how links perform and we'll track them all individually for you, and group the income together for payment.

You'll find more information about this on the links page.

Our refund rate is very low, however it does happen.

In this case, we simply deduct the amount you received for the sale from your next commission payment.

Yes, our in-house tracking system shows you your referral clicks, registrations and sales for any time period you choose. You can access your stats from 'My Lotus Tarot' once you are logged into the site.

We also send you an alert email each time one of your referrals results in a sale (you can disable this feature if you like!)

Yes, David can help, however our program is designed to be incredibly simple to set up and run, so please make sure to read this faq and the rest of the information available from the pages in the menu before asking for us to step in.

If your question wasn't answered please contact David and ask.