Lotus Tarot Affiliate Program The Numbers


33% commission on all online membership purchases:

Product Price Commission
Lifetime Membership $79.95 $26.38
Lifetime Membership (Reduced Price) $69.95 $23.08
12 Month Membership $39.95 $13.18
12 Month Membership (Reduced Price) $29.95 $9.88
30 Day Membership $9.95 $3.28

25% commission on all numerology report purchases:

Product Price Commission
Complete Personal Package of Numerology Reports $42.95 $10.74
Full Personality Profile Numerology Report $14.95 $3.74
12 Month Forecast Numerology Report $14.95 $3.74
Relationship Compatibility Numerology Report $14.95 $3.74
Short Personality Profile Numerology Report $9.95 $2.49
Diamond Numerology Report $9.95 $2.49
Lucky Numbers Numerology Report $7.95 $1.99
Name Advisor Numerology Report $7.95 $1.99
3 Name Advisor Numerology Report $4.95 $1.24


Free LT Membership

Qualifying for the free online membership is very simple:

If 10 or more of your referrals result in a free user registration in any one month, we will gift you a 30 day membership beginning the first day of the following month.

There is no requirement for the users to purchase anything, however, they must be genuine registrations i.e. you can't just register 10 different accounts yourself! (This is very easy for us to check up on and anyone caught abusing the program in this way will have their affiliate account terminated without notice and will be banned from further use of Lotus Tarot)

The membership will be applied to the Lotus Tarot user account associated with your affiliate account.