Lotus Tarot Affiliate Program How it works

Step 1: Sign up for the program in about a minute using the short form here or click 'Sign-up Now' in the menu. (If you aren't already registered with Lotus Tarot as a user you'll be asked to do that first which only takes a few seconds)

Step 2: Copy the link code from the links page and paste it onto your website, blog, social media page (Facebook, Google+ etc) or into an email (more details on the links page)

Step 3: When someone clicks on one of your links and arrives at Lotus Tarot, we'll place a tiny cookie in their browser to let our system know they were referred by you. (It's quite unusual for visitors to buy products on their first visit to a new website but that's no problem, the cookie will last for a full 12 months.)

Step 4: When the visitor registers with us for a free account, maybe on their first visit or maybe a year later, we'll log their registration as your referral.

Step 5: At any time after registration when the person buys one of our commissionable products, we'll credit you with the sale and pay you a commission. Registration is required to purchase a product and NEVER expires, so once the user has registered you'll receive commission on their purchases for LIFE!

Step 6: You can update your details and check your affiliate stats (clicks, registrations and sales) at any time from your affiliate control panel under My Lotus Tarot (you won't see anything there until you have registered as an affiliate)

Step 7: Enjoy your free membership to Lotus Tarot and spend your affiliate earnings