Cartomancy - Going Professional

tarot spread

If you are planning to become a professional tarot reader, and earn an income from the cards, here are a few extra guidelines which may help you:

Undoubtedly the best way to begin to develop a client base when you are starting out is by word of mouth - ask your friends and family to help by referring people to you. Perhaps you can offer to do the first reading for free, so that they can see whether they can relate to you, or maybe you could give your friend a free reading if she recommends someone else who will pay!

As your confidence grows, you may consider advertising locally. Begin by researching who is already offering Tarot readings in your area, how are they advertising and what are they charging? This will give you an idea of your 'competition' and give you a sense of where you would like to pitch yourself.

Public events such as psychic fairs can be another good way to increase your public exposure, and if you or a friend have the internet skills you could always begin your own website - although this is by no means as easy as it may at first seem!!!

If you are female and wish to do readings for men who have responded to advertising, please always make sure you have someone with you and never visit them at their home. I am not trying to make some kind of feminist statement here, or be alarmist, but I do feel it is necessary to err on the side of caution and not take unnecessary risks.

How much should you charge? Well that is totally up to you. How much do you feel your service is worth? People are unlikely to want to pay more than you personally feel your readings are worth! You may begin your 'tarot career' charging very little or nothing for your readings, and gradually increase your price as your skill, confidence and the demand for your services increase.

As a final note, be careful that reading the cards does not become a chore or an unwelcome commitment that you don't enjoy. I believe a good tarot reader should always work from the heart and from integrity - there is a responsibility that comes with reading the cards for others, embrace it willingly and with love.

Welcome the gift of Tarot and make it a special addition to your life in whatever way feels natural and right for you.