The 4 Aces - 12 cards

This is a great spread. I really enjoy using it, as it helps me understand what is most important to the person I am reading for.

Extract the 4 aces and the Major Arcana from your deck. Ask the querant to shuffle the 4 aces and give them back to you, then they shuffle the Major Arcana and pick 8 cards and give these to you.

You then lay the out the cards like this:

Inverted Card
MA 1
Inverted Card
Ace 1
Inverted Card
MA 2
Inverted Card
MA 3
Inverted Card
Ace 2
Inverted Card
MA 4
Inverted Card
MA 5
Inverted Card
Ace 3
Inverted Card
MA 6
Inverted Card
MA 7
Inverted Card
Ace 4
Inverted Card
MA 8

Place the 4 aces in order first - placing the major arcana cards either side as shown.

This is a reading based on another traditonal 3 card reading: Past, Present and Future.

Ace of Wands represents work, career, effort
Ace of Cups represents emotions, love life
Ace of Swords represents troubles and concerns
Ace of Pentacles represents money, material issues

This tells you what issues are most important to the querant, for example if Ace 1 was the Ace of Cups followed by the Ace of Swords, Ace of Pentacles and Ace of Wands, you would see they are more concerned about their emotional state, love life, and troubles than about money and work.

OK, so now you have another couple of spreads to work with, but feel free to do your own research and find the spreads you feel most comfortable with and most want to use.


Practical Exercise for this week

Practice using all the spreads - ask your friends to support you.

By doing 3-4 spreads with your querent you will notice that some cards and themes repeat throughout the session, and this will give you an idea of the particular issues which are most important or relevant to this person.

Again there's no multiple choice test for this lesson, but make sure you do plenty of practice before next week.