The numbered cards 1 to 10 of the Suit of Cups - Part II

ten of cups

Ace of Cups

- Water
- positive: contentment, faithfulness, creativity
- negative: barreness, lost love, despair


2 of Cups

- Love
- positive: partnership, love, understanding
- negative: separation, divorce, betrayal


3 of Cups

- Abundance
- positive: fertility, happiness, creativity
- negative: sex without love, self obsession, exploitation


4 of Cups

- Blended Pleasure
- positive: re-evaluation, familiarity
- negative: fatigue, overindulgence, depression


5 of Cups

- Loss in pleasure
- positive: reassessment
- negative: worry, futility, sense of loss, bad luck


6 of Cups

- Pleasure
- positive: harmony, happy memories, the past shaping the future
- negative: nostalgia and inability to face reality


7 of Cups

- Illusionary success
- positive: imagination, choice, aspirations
- negative: self-delusion, deception in matters of love


8 of Cups

- Abandoned success
- positive: change, breaking of ties, development
- negative: restlessness, dissatisfaction, unrealistic goals


9 of Cups

- Material happiness
- positive: emotional stability, kindliness, happiness
- negative: complacency, vanity, finding fault in others


10 of Cups

- Perpetual success
- positive: commitment, peace, love
- negative: antisocial behaviour, disruption of routine


Practical Exercise for this week

Now extract the Major Arcana from your deck and then add the 10 cards of the Wands suit and the 10 cards of the Cups suit, shuffle well and pick 3 cards, and yes you've guessed it!! Practice the 3 card reading with these extra cards, and again write your reading in your notebook.