The numbered cards 1 to 10 of the Suit of Wands - Part II


Ace of Wands

- Fire
- positive: creativity, originality, fertility, new beginnings
- negative: frustration, greed, overconfidence


2 of Wands

- Dominion
- positive: earned success, partnership
- negative: futility, pride without humility, worthless goals


3 of Wands

- Established Strength
- positive: new ventures, conviction, partnerships
- negative: lack of nerve, frustration, personality clashes


4 of Wands

- Perfected Work
- positive: satisfaction, completion, new home
- negative: decadence, snobbishness, impatience


5 of Wands

- Strife
- positive: conflict, competitiveness, struggle
- negative: fraud, defeat through devious means, acrimony


6 of Wands

- Victory
- positive: victory, fulfilment, great news
- negative: suspicion, delayed news, anxiety


7 of Wands

- Valour
- positive: challenges, courage, ultimate success
- negative: indecisivenes, lost opportunities, timidity


8 of Wands

- Swiftness
- positive: activity, travel, action
- negative: delays, impetuous action, poor judgement


9 of wands

- Strength
- positive: inner stength, self-assurance
- negative: obstinacy, avoidable delays, suspicion


10 of wands

- Oppression
- positive: pressure, over commitment
- negative: deceit, burdens, abuse of power


Practical Exercise for this week

When you've finished, extract the Major Arcana from your deck and add it to these 10 cards of the Wands suit. Shuffle well and pick 3 cards, and yes you've guessed it, practice the 3 card reading with these extra cards, and again write everything in your notebook.