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We ran a poll asking our registered users and members what improvements, additions or changes they would like us to make to the website. After a few thousand responses a few things became clear.

92.6% of our users told us they don't want anything to change, and that the site is perfect as it is. As a site owner, that was quite reassuring :)

Of the other 7 or 8% of our patrons who suggested changes or additions, about half of the additional features requested were already in place on the website at the time of the poll. What this suggested to me is that some of our visitors simply don't know how to make the most of their visits, and a little advice on how to better explore the site would be a useful addition... so here it is.

Additionally, I'll take a few moments to comment on one or two of the more popular requests for changes/additions, and what we're planning to do about that... or not!

Don't be afraid to explore...

You won't break the site by clicking on stuff, so feel free to click on everything on every page and thoroughly explore Lotus Tarot. We've done our best to design the site to be intuitive and self evident, but the confines of screen space (especially when designing for a mobile phone) mean we can't put descriptive text on every link and button on every page, so you need to go ahead and click around to find out what everything does, and discover a few little secrets.

When you're exploring, there are two obvious places to begin: the main menu at the top and the footer at the bottom of every site page. There's even a link to open up the footer in the top menu (it's labelled 'More...').

In the footer, on the left, is a button that says 'show it all', click on this to expand the footer and access vast additional resources: articles, card meanings, numerology, deck art, learn tarot resources and anything else we add to the site as we go.

My Lotus Tarot (account and profile settings)

Many of the site options (card back design, deck choice, zen mode, animations etc) are remembered automatically whenever you make a choice from the drop-downs and slider buttons. Additionally, there are several options you can adjust in your profile settings to alter your experience of the site, and the emails you receive from us.

If you haven't explored this section yet, it's accessible from the top right drop-down on every page, just click on your name once you are logged in.

More detailed explanations...

One of the most common requests was for more detailed information in the readings, about each card. This is already a specific feature of the site.

When your reading is presented to you, if you would like more detail about any of the cards in the reading (so you can 'read between the lines' or add your own interpretation to the spread) simply click on the card. This opens a function allowing you to access our library of card meaning articles from our in-house authors.

More regular Lotus Mail emails...

Since we started back in 2002, we've always mailed out once a week. We don't mail offers or junk, we just mail Tarot card articles. People usually call this their 'weekly card' or their 'weekly reading'.

One of the difficulties with running an email service like this, is the sheer bulk of emails (we send over a million each month). Doing this from your own server is hard on the server resources and also a bit risky, so we use a professional service to make sure you get our free emails on time, every time. This isn't cheap.

We've considered switching from weekly to a daily option several times, but experience over time has shown that the weekly mailer is about right, for many reasons, for most people. For those who want more regular random card emails, there's a widget in 'My Lotus Tarot' that allows you to schedule your mail to arrive sooner than 7 days after the last one, however it's limited to a minimum of a 24 hour interval.

More free readings

This is always the most requested addition, and that's never a surprise :)

For over a decade, we offered only one proper free online reading 'The Universal 6 Card Spread' and it's been used over 150 million times (at time of writing). The idea was to give something of real and true value at no cost, and to offer greatly extended value in the form of multiple additional reading spreads for a very small membership fee. We don't do ads, so the membership fee is the bread and butter income that allows us to maintain the site for the benefit of everyone and the free usage of the internet community at large.

Since we relaunched the site in March 2015, we've begun adding new free readings to the service as well as new membership readings. These are authored by our in-house live readers. As more of our in-house experts complete their reading texts, if they choose to do so, more readings will appear on the site.

However, the demarcation between membership reading and free reading has always been, and probably will remain, that the free readings use only the Major Arcana. This doesn't negate the value of the reading, it just means that if you want more detail we'd like you to make a contribution to the running of the website, in the form of a membership purchase.

Free trial of the membership

Another popular request which is effectively already in place. We offer an unconditional, no questions asked refund on any membership purchase. There is no risk in trying out the membership - if you don't like it, ask for a refund and your trial will have been 100% free.

Where's the Lotus Tarot App?

I'm regularly asked if we have an App for phones, and the short answer is: 'The website is the App :)'

Apps need development, distribution and constant updates and upgrades whenever platfrom requirements dictate. There are already several main App platforms (Android, Apple, WinMobile etc), each requiring a differently coded App. Unfortunately as a mostly free website run by a tiny team, we simply don't have the time or money to create and update these stand-alone phone apps

Other Languages

Translating the site into other languages isn't as simple as translating the few hundred pages of the actual website. We also have thousands of articles and tens of thousands of paragraphs of reading text. The reading text is particularly nuanced, and we have a full time editor making sure the English is accurate and consistent. Translating all of this into additional languages (and validating the translations are accurate and appropriate) would be a Herculean task that we simply don't have the resources to manage.

However, with the advent of Ai and our integration of Ai tarot readings into the website, we will soon be able to offer tailored readings in multiple languagues. Go here to explore our wide range of advanced AI Tarot Readings

Other Ideas for change and improvement

We are constantly reviewing ideas for improving and adding to the site, however, as our poll clearly pointed out, 19 out of every 20 of our registered users love the site exactly as it is right now.

This doesn't mean we won't continue to strive for a better and better service, but it does mean that any functional changes we consider making will be well thought through and designed to be mostly invisible at best, or optional.

If you gave your feedback in the poll, thank you. Be assured that whilst we may not implement your suggestion, I've personally read and considered every single one.

David (LT Admin & Site Owner)