Two of Wands

The Two of Wands represents a cleaning of house, attainment of goals and needs, personal power, and the creative process in full force. You are feeling your strength and testing to see how far you can go. The veil of limitations has been lifted and you have remembered that the possibilities are endless.

This card is your confirmation that you are the sun and can shine as bright as you chose. You hold the entire world in your hands. What will you create?

The wands suit represents the element of fire. It signifies enterprise, growth, invention, energy, and glory. Wands relate to the intuitive voice within you. They remind you of the powerful energies which you have access to wield as you chose. They also advise the use of willpower and the need to keep yourself protected. Wands are staffs of commandment and they hold much authority. Be sure to temper your actions with love, compassion, and wisdom. Fire also speaks to growth of Self and remembering who you truly are.

The Two of any suit may represent competition, balance, development, taking action in accordance to your true Self or your essence.

The Two of Wands indicates testing out your strength and seeing how big and bright you can be. This card tells you that the confidence you feel is warranted and that you are on path. Keep it up and you will be kept up! This Wand is all about the choices you make and how they shape your reality, especially your thoughts - chose them wisely. It speaks of balance and an actualization of your goals. You can see the big picture and most importantly you can see yourself exactly where you want yourself to be!

The Two of Wands is the affirmation you have asked for. This card is reminding you that you are the co-creator of your life. It is requiring you to take time to remember who you truly are, where you truly come from, and to stay clear on why you are here. It tells you to follow your dreams; you have everything you need to bring them into realty - your reality.

This is a time to stay grounded, balanced, to keep to your path. Remember to continually check in with your thoughts. Are they moving you in the direction you want to go? If you have a moment of doubt creep in, use affirmations to get you back on track. This is also an excellent time to ramp up your meditation practice. Finding time to sit in silence helps you become aware of not only your next step, but also the chatter that plays in your mind. Be the silent witness to your thoughts. This card is reminding you again that you are the one in control of your thoughts, not the other way around.

So take time out of your day and offer up gratitude for how far you have come! Also, be aware and present to this moment, to your thoughts. Use them to manifest your reality. Ask yourself what you wish to create. You are in alignment with your dreams; enjoy the process!

Today's Meditation:

Step into your sacred space, find stillness, relax. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Breath deeply, slowly, mindfully. Place your right hand in the center of your chest and experience the vibration that is you. Become undefended, open to love, the love you are made of.

Silently to yourself or out loud repeat the mantra: "I want for you what you want for you."

When the timer goes off, release your mantra. Be still for as long as you can. Feel the connection to your heart, and trust in your inner knowing, it will not lead you astray! Enjoy the process.