Two of Wands

The Two of Wands speaks of that creative life force that is within each of us and propels us forward whether we're aware of it or not. It may be dormant or unconscious or buried under fear but it's there nevertheless. It's all about getting in touch with your own personal power. It's about boldness, bravery and certainty, all of which must be accessed in order to see what your next step will be.

The key here is balance as you won't be able to make something happen without careful consideration and planning. Remember too that all the planning in the world won't cause your ideas to materialise without putting in the effort.

There's a certain give and take with the Two of Wands that is mirrored right back to you. There's also a need for discrimination and the need to throw out unrealistic ideas and focus on whatever has a genuine shot at being successful. The Two of Wands requires you to be objective and this is why it's always wise to bounce your ideas off another.

Your hopes and dreams swim before you as you sit and ponder what you are going to do next. You may have a plan that you are keeping to yourself as you have not put the finishing touches to it yet. Rather than taking your first step you are waiting until everything falls into place.

If you are having problems in a relationship you may not be seeing the other person's point of view. The views and thoughts that are currently on your mind going around and around in circles are causing a retreat within that is surely not doing the relationship any favours.

However, this may actually be what is needed as a situation that has become intolerable for you will require planning and answers as to how you can either fix it or remove yourself.