Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands has applied strenuous willful effort for so long that he misses the gracious ease coming in.

He can't remember how to relax.

He could be on vacation and all would be handled for him. Instead he now pushes his good in the wrong direction.

He creates strain where innately there is none. Oh my!

Have you heard of Hiroo Onoda, the soldier who remained on an island to fight World War II for 29 years after it ended? He became so entrenched in the fight that he couldn't trust the war was over. When it was time to stop, he continued in disbelief. He was standing for something nonexistent.

When there is an opportunity to be carried by life's benevolent help, yet we keep fighting instead, many gifts of life are pushed away. A self-made jail is built.

The Ten of Wands feels alone. He thinks the world is on his shoulders. Maybe this was true at some point. It certainly isn't now.

He has everything going for him. All he has to do is sit back and enjoy. Yet he keeps on striving, in ways that do not accomplish a thing! He feels burdened yet committed to his struggle. Once he was the accomplished and majestic one. Slowly he is turning into the fool.

Sometimes a person who has been deeply mistreated gets used to being the one to apologize and make peace when really others are at fault! He may assume that he is being a role model for compromise and forgiveness. Unfortunately, others' egos don't see the nobility in what he is doing and don't follow his lead. They use him as a scapegoat.

Negative reactions can leave a deep hurt in the heart of a person who is entrenched in Ten of Wands consciousness. They may be clear and clean with the divine, but misused and taken advantage of by people. Someone in this predicament might seek the company of trustworthy animals until they rebuild their approach to life and then find more honorable friends.

Do you feel like you have to push for results when nothing is indicating this is so? Are you creating strain for yourself?

When you ignore the energy of this card instead of working through it, you are creating danger. Not only are you expending your effort for no reason and denying your good, you are building your harm. Look carefully at the results of your current actions and viewpoint. Are they truly helpful?

The Ten of Wands is very focused on unnecessary work!


Is this necessary?


Focus on ease and allowing in life's support.