Six of Wands

The Six of Wands indicates that we have achieved something wonderful.

While the feeling of achievement alone is glorious, it does put us in a state of solitude.

A little too much pride is something to be wary of as it will ultimately isolate us fully. Service after success is a wise idea!

The Six of Wands consciousness occurs when we feel very good about what we have accomplished. While this can be a good experience of self, it can quickly fester into egoism and disregard for others having more difficult times.

When we do well, when we triumph, when we are singled out, carrying and sharing with others is a good idea. Staying humble by being thankful for all we have been given keeps us likable. Service to others keeps us tender and caring.

Recall the challenges that you took on to arrive here. Give some care to others enduring similar challenges now. Reflect on how good life has been to you. You reaped success because you worked for it.

Thinking you are now better or different separates your mind from your heart. This attitude ultimately disconnects you from others and leaves you empty. Your way back to humanness is in expressing gratitude.

Do you feel smug? Do you find yourself less caring of others' plights? Is escaping into the satisfaction of fleeting applause really rewarding to the soul? Might you be getting into a fantasy of your greatness, removed from your very human weaknesses and strengths? Are you seeing yourself as better than others?

Think about everyone else who helped you to get here! Count your blessings. Praise will come and go while kindness is remembered. Those who put you on a pedestal are also quick to criticize you. You are not real to them. Reconnect with those who care, to those who love you for being you rather than for what you accomplish.

Who has listened, given, held compassion, and encouraged you through easy and hard times, failures and accomplishments? They are who matters much more than some clapping crowd.

When you deny the energy of this card, your arrogance and selfishness become extreme. A crash is inevitable if your ways are not quickly turned around. Utilize all the above exercises.

The Six of Wands consciousness indicates deserved success that is now on the verge of causing alienation due to pride.


Who can I serve? How can I support others?


Focus on gratitude for the many who helped you.