Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands represents an attempt to deprive someone of the hard won accomplishments they enjoy. It often appears when a querent has reached a high position in their career or personal life and another party who covets this has decided to meddle.

It also can represent differences in opinions between partners. These differences have the potential to become insurmountable obstacles, where neither party will make concessions nor make peace, and a struggle for dominance ensues.

Disrespect and bullish tactics are embodied by this card as too are conflicts. You may find yourself at the mercy of an unruly teen, antagonistic lover, or professional rival. The consolation this card brings is that however much your enemies try to conquer you, your position is relatively secure and providing you do not give up, you will have the final victory.

In the Rider Waite deck a beleaguered and pugnacious character is shown standing high on a vantage point defending himself from a hoard of adversaries who challenge his position. His shoes seem to be mismatched and each suited for different purposes, indicating a need to be prepared for any eventuality at a moment's notice. The perspective shown is interesting as it feels as though one has almost reached the top of the hill but is suddenly besieged by an unexpected foe, suggesting that one might almost reach their goal but may be defeated at the last minute.

In a love reading the Seven of Wands is an unfortunate omen as it foretells that you will forever be pitted against your partner in an interminable battle of wills. It portends strife, agitation, and possible abuse. It can also foretell that you will come close to achieving the type of relationship you want with your partner, only to be let down by them or defeated by a love rival. In terms of feelings, the prognosis is fairly grim as the Seven of Wands suggests that your person of interest feels a need to keep their distance from you, dominate you in some way, or even that they are trying hard to reject your advances.

In a work or career reading, the Seven of Wands warns that you have a competitor who will stoop to ever lowering depths in order to topple you from your position. They have envied you from afar and now want to seize your hard-earned glory. On a less ominous note, the Seven of Wands can represent negotiations regarding salary increases or the cost of business supplies.

Positive Aspects: maintaining one's position in spite of setbacks and frustrations, self preservation, standing one's ground, having something to covet

Negative Aspects: malicious rivals, spite, attempt to steal a position, defeat at the last minute, incessant arguments, keeping one's distance from someone