Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands calls to remind you that everything you really need, you already have.

Your journey has been long. There has been much to overcome, but there has also been much joy. Even though you are in the final stretch, you still feel as if you will not make it. There are always new obstacles and doubts.

The Nine of Wands is here to help you shore up your strength and determination.

This card reminds you that you are on path and to let your heart keep leading you. You are surrounded by love. Ask for what you need and be open to receive help when it is offered. The Nine of Wands also requires you to look deep within, to let go of your fear, to trust in your heart and soul - you know the way.

You have been working very hard to reach your goal. There have been many setbacks and many victories. Along the way you have shed many illusions and opened yourself to new ways of thinking and seeing. You have expanded so much that you hardly recognize the person you were when all this began.

This has been the ride of your life in so many ways. You have come to know so much about yourself, you have remembered that you are the creator of your life and have all you need to succeed.

But you are growing tired. Doubt keeps cropping up with each new obstacle. The Nine of Wands helps you stay on course and urges full steam ahead. You have come so far. Don't give up now!

Step back and look around. You will see the long path you have traveled and remember that at one time you would have found it hard to believe you have accomplished so much. But here you are: releasing limitations, releasing fear, acknowledging the love around you, opening yourself up to your true potential. You are tapping into your truest Self.

You understand that there is no "wrong way" and that everything happening now will lead you to your greatest good. You have everything you need and you have what it takes. You are a champion! It is time to roar! Get big, get bright, and know without doubt you will find what you seek.

When there are times of transition and darkness is moving in, you need to look for your light, look within. This is the time to remember that what you really seek is peace, harmony, laughter, love, abundance and bliss. All of these gifts are found within. Also remember that when doubt and fear rise up, call on help - the help of your angels, of your family and your friends. We are all here to help one another. There is always help when you ask. Allow yourself to ask and receive.

The doorway is right there. And while you may feel there is something blocking the way, look again and look within. Is it an obstacle or an opportunity? Either way you will find your way through. The door awaits and you will travel through. Stay true to yourself, stay clear and focused. You are on path; enjoy the ride!

Today's meditation:

Find a comfortable position and relax. Focus all your attention on your breath. Tell your mind it is "no mind time" and let it be still.

Repeat to yourself out loud: "I AM worthy of love, abundance, success, happiness and fulfillment."

Say this 108 times (use a mala or set a timer for 10 minutes).

Allow yourself to be fully present to the words, to their vibration, to their meaning. If your thoughts stray, simply bring yourself back to the affirmation. Enjoy!