Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands appears when you have firmly held on to your boundaries, but your self-regard is now out of balance. You feel a need to protect what is not really threatened.

In a reactive day and age, people can often find themselves on the defense when there is nobody fighting them. This card reminds us that the old paradigm of agreement verses disagreement is no longer effective.

The new paradigm, especially for someone who has found themselves temporarily on this Wand's path, is to become the tranquil well within. Be the Buddha instead of the vortex of defensiveness.

Generate the wellness you are wishing to experience when you try to keep yourself away from others. Then you will attract the good instead of working against yourself to repel the supposed bad

If temptation to correct, analyze, or fix emerges, stop this perspective. Instead, embrace sharing as a flow of music. Rather than seek right and wrong answers, let all the sharing bring about a natural momentum into actions or more sharing.

Sit in a circle with everyone involved. Give time for each person to share a viewpoint. Embrace each outlook as valid. Note what it inspires in you, what each viewpoint adds to a fuller picture.

When you are filling a need to protect what does not need protection, there are questions to ask. Do you need some time to laugh, cry and shake out old emotional debris in the body? Are you holding on to something that you actually no longer need or even like? Is possible that life will support you if you ask for help and let go of your stance?

When you have Nine of Wand consciousness, you may have started out with very needed self-respect, building time, and strategy. At some point, anything that works well becomes stale. Time for reevaluation.

What was the original purpose for what you have built? How can this creation be of value to others now? Are you ready to do more sharing and giving? Is it possible that protection can form deep love and faith in your work-play rather than construct outside walls or gates?

When you fight against this card's energy, you are reaching states of distrust that are truncating all of your healthy participation in life. You have gone fully into your own world of fear-focus that is not helping you in any way.

The Nine of Wands reminds us that the enemy we fear can be ourselves. Give yourself back to sensible trust, goodness, and care. Let your vision go free. Let life expand what you have built, in new ways, for the good of all.


What I am holding onto that can be released?


Focus on your original intention with the project of your focus. Recall the innocent intention that first propelled you to create.