Knight of Wands

When the Knight of Wands appears in your reading, be prepared for changes, unexpected ones at that. This knight cares very little for etiquette or decorum; his sole aim is to bring change and achieve his objectives. As seen in the Rider Waite Deck, the landscape behind this knight is arid and inhospitable, yet he is covered in thick impenetrable armour, a seeming incongruity. This picture literally and figuratively advises you that the Knight of Wands is hard to reach on an emotional level and may be unwilling to show his feelings. Even under the most crushing pressure, his need to maintain self-preservation is paramount.

In a love reading, the Knight of Wands alerts you that an impetuous and lusty suitor is in your midst. He will be unlikely to engage in intellectual niceties, or sentimental bonding, as he is purely focused on the physical aspects of a connection and satisfying his desires. Be warned that this man is unlikely to stay in your life for too long and may be more suited to being a one night stand or tryst. In a similar vein, the Knight of Wands also points to a suitor who has had a sudden change of heart and has decided to make quick his departure, for reasons only known to himself.

This knight does not feel the need to explain himself and cares extremely little, if at all, about the feelings of others. In this context, the Knight of Wands often appears when a querent is having issues trying to pin down the object of their affection because their lover has commitment issues and would rather play the field. It also appears when a client has been abandoned unexpectedly, a victim of “ghosting”.

In business and work related matters, the Knight of Wands may indicate that you will soon be leaving your place of work, unexpectedly or not, or that you will transfer to another department. This card can also be seen signifying sales or transactions; for example, if paired with the Ten of Pentacles, this represents the transfer of a family business. The Knight of Wands can also alert you to an impending mass exodus of employees in your place of work.

More generally, the Knight of Wands can suggest an upcoming visit from a relative you do not see very often.

Key words: Swift departure, unbridled libido, fear of intimacy, disappearance, visit from a distant relative, unprecedented changes.