Knight of Wands

There goes the Knight of Wands. He took off fast!

What drives him? Passion? Inner Guidance? Youthful physical energy? A very fast intellect?

Usually a bit of each of these.

No constraints or time to question. This Knight has an idea so he is off and running!

Will this work out well? Usually yes and no. He will get the job done. Good will occur.

Over time he will find that his fast impulses carved about a good path, but one with some difficulties to later address.

The Knight of Wands consciousness is in complete trust, blind trust, but faithfully good trust. He is not concerned with details. He acts spontaneously on any thought that feels right for his mission.

The "Blind trust" aspect of his maneuvering can be good. By not taking time to examine all the potential pitfalls, he misses most of them. Those that are unavoidable do require some backtracking and revising later. That's okay.

This kind of consciousness is young. It's not time to attend to all the details of shadow and underdeveloped life plans yet. That will come in time.

These fast rides will eventually enforce that he learn a lot more. For now he is able to go quickly with little thought about anything but being where he is and getting where he is going.

When the universe needs quick changes, she calls on the Knight of Wands. Abruptly the Knight changes gears, unconcerned with anyone else. There he goes!

Do you follow sudden impulses that come surging through your heart? Do you trust that these impulses are for good? Do you go with movement rather than introspection these days? This is the Knight of Wands consciousness.

You are very protected. Later on you will look back and likely be amazed at how safe you stayed in such precarious conditions!

When you do not follow your Knight of Wands consciousness, you are not being guided by inner prompts. You are taking foolish self-induced guidance to get attention, to try to obtain what you can't right now, and mostly to impress. As you know, these actions keeps backfiring. Try sitting still for awhile, listening within.

The Knight of Wands is the card of sudden swift movement!


Give thanks.


Feel thanks that you have the health and energy to move with rapid momentum.