Knight of Wands

The life and soul of the party, flirtatious and happy go lucky, but don't expect to hear from him the next day.

He runs away from emotional attachments, gets bored when things turn more serious, and struggles with any form of commitment.

He can also represent an older man with a string of failed relationships, all due to his commitment-phobic nature.

Have a good time with him by all means but protect your heart!

He may makes plans that he fails to keep, promises that he fails to deliver or describe himself in an idealistic way that makes you fall in love with an illusion that doesn't materialise.

The lesson here for you is to live in the moment, to avoid forming attachments to the outcome and to come from a place of absolute self-love. Pay close attention to what you are being told and make sure that it matches what is actually happening.

You have to make yourself vulnerable before someone can hurt you. If you open your heart, first be sure that the person you allow in can be trusted.