Knight of Wands

"To boldly go where no one has gone before." - Captain Kirk, Star Trek

Element of fire power: The Knight of Wands comes up with boldness and charged energy, reminding you to take note of your movement and how you can allow your personal motivation to shape your soul's evolutionary journey. This is the time to direct or channel energy through your personal inspirations of your life. What has made you decide to follow this path?

You are also challenged to use your deeper insight to visualize the outcome that you have been working on for so long. Turn your vision into a reality: remember you create your own reality through your heart and your head. This fiery energy creates increased perception and sets free what is stuck.

This is the path of visions and to materialize these will take a sense of skill that you already have been working on for a while. Be careful that you do not leap off the mountain blindly, because you feel fearless right now. Always remain objective in all of your decisions.

The Knight of Wands indicates a period of creative flow and speed is part of this process, though it may not necessarily mean actual speed. It is more a fiery drive to get you to where you have wanted to go in terms of projects, or in relationships. You may be challenged by a fiery person, who may be forcing you to question your old values in your life. Be prepared to move mountains with the least bit of effort, as the universal calling is to draw in what serves you and to also discard what does not. Rise up in the same manner as the Knight rises on his horse. Reach towards the goal. This may indicate a sense of camaraderie with friends or a newly-found idea that could take off.

Be mindful that the Knight of Wands can also indicate a sense of acting on impulse and this may cause a sense of haste or impatience. You may be feeling the full force of the fire and the rearing to get to action. Be mindful that this is related to a sense of restless Prana energy. The key is to remind yourself to be aware to look after yourself on a health level too, as too much fire can often burn one out. Be conscious about this process as you go along your path.

Even difficult situations will move in a fiery direction. Remember balance during these days. Focus nervous pent-up fire energy on the past to declutter the old structures that have held your heart constricted.

This Knight reminds you that you will be able to come up with a strategy or a plan towards your path of success. You may also find yourself adventurous, and it is in this that you will be able to clear out old dramas with people from your past. Release old issues and let them go so they have no hold over your path.

Ask yourself what your present situation allows you to see. Seek out all challenges.

If you are in the space of being unable to see your pathway, be mindful that the Knight of Wands can often make you feel as if you may stumble over your own feet or cause too many thoughts to occur all at once. This is a build-up of energy and the charge may stay with you for a while.

The Knight of Wands can also signal that you are experiencing a considerable build-up of energy but are unsure about how to channel it into the world effectively. You may have a creative restlessness, knowing that you are destined for something ‘big’, but you feel restricted from taking action right now. Perhaps there are frustrating delays. Slow down and take one step back to observe where you are. Decide from there, then restructure.

Remember to Breathe!

At times of Imbalance: You may find yourself doing impulsive things that you may regret later. Be careful to not overreact to this. Slide to the right or the left and recoup your thoughts.

Medicine: Remind yourself that you can not control everything, but you can work towards what drives right now in terms of energy. The urge to go with the flow is needed here. Be awake, ready for people or situations which could produce dynamic changes in your consciousness. Be grateful for this gift from existence. Receive it, and don't cling to it.

Mantra: I am guided in all my endeavors.