Eight of Wands

When the Eight of Wands makes an appearance in your reading, the central theme is communication, whether it be by text, email, phone call or social media. You are being forewarned that many conversations will be on the horizon for you.

It can also signal that there is gossip around you or that you will soon hear some false information that you should be careful not to spread because this could result in misunderstandings and conflicts with those around you.

Aside from communication, the Eight of Wands can also point to projects that you have had in place suddenly taking off at a pace quicker than you can manage. You must take care to avoid burnout. Whether it be a romance, a business venture or an educational opportunity, you will get progress in your endeavours and you will reach your goals, possibly quicker than you have expected.

It is important to note that this is one of the few cards in the Rider Waite deck which does not have a character represented. This may indicate that you are too engrossed in unfolding events and are neglecting self-care or failing to scrutinise the opportunities around you and that you may make commitments you are not ready for.

In terms of romance, this card can point to a passionate love affair taking place that sweeps you off your feet and doesn’t give you a chance to catch your breath. Some perceive this card as representing the “ arrows of love” or “inflamed desires”. The warning here is look before you leap and do not let the speed of events prevent you from truly looking at the situation through a rational perspective. This card can point out that your partner is texting you excessively; you must be on your guard and consider this a potential indicator of a controlling and obsessive personality.

With respect to business, this card can indicate online trade, or if paired with the Three of Wands, overseas business. If you are asking what you can do to improve your business, the Eight of Wands can show that you need to brush up on your customer care skills so that your clientele feels as though they are getting the best possible service. In a negative aspect, this card can also show that you are rushing ahead without a concrete strategy

The Eight of Wands can also signify an action you must take, that you must put yourself out there and be a lot more social. If it comes out in an advice position, it may be pointing out that you have been a little too solitary. Take all the opportunities that come your way and do not let the fear of being disliked dissuade you from getting out in the world.

Negative aspects: Malicious chatter, poor communication skills, being overwhelming, rushing in without thinking, possessiveness, physical exhaustion.

Positive aspects: Plans taking shape, smooth communication, passion, love at first sight, quick progression.