Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles indicates secure cycles of abundance now and in your future.

Rest assured, your financial and material security is grounded and trustworthy. Your tithes and/or generous actions and contributions have secured this for you. You continue to give, which has energetically built a very strong foundation for your life. You enjoy the process.

Very wise indeed!

When the Six of Pentacles appears, encouragement for your genuine heart is being expressed. The unseen but valid connection between giving to others and being supported is emphasized. Because you give and gave well from your pocketbook, doing this with true love in your heart, you are protected.

There were times when you gave though you yourself had very little. You sacrificed when others may have mistakenly believed your sharing was from surplus. This personal generosity all comes back on you now.

As you gained more for yourself, you continued to give far more. This has grown all the good that comes your way.

Do you feel safe and secure when giving? Is it easy for you to share without an agenda for the receiver? Do you like to give? Do you trust that the universe orchestrates how and when your giving is multiplied and sent back?

Do you also respect yourself enough to let the universe know what you would like to receive? Do you know the universe is a forever loving mother and father who will happily gift you with anything your heart most desires or something even better in the highest interest and happiness of all?

Do you love to receive as much as you love to give? Yahoo! This is the Six of Pentacles energy. Your security is ensured by your understanding and actions.

If you reject the Six of Pentacles consciousness, you are being selfish. This doesn't make you a bad person by any means. The universe loves you unconditionally. You are holding back tithes or gifts out of fear. The universe has compassion but would love to see you prosper for the sake of your own happiness.

As a result of holding back, you never seem to have enough. As you learn to give more you will be able to receive more. The two go hand and hand in one breath.

The Six of Pentacles is the card of sharing abundantly so that your life is endless cycles of giving and receiving.


As though watching a movie, let many memories of your giving and receiving pass through your mind.


Feel the glorious satisfaction that all your giving and receiving has given you and others.