Seven of Pentacles

When the Seven of Pentacles comes to call, take a step back and reflect!

Look out at all the hard work that has been done, blossoms are blooming, the harvest is nearing, and the sun is shining.

This is a card of progress and the fruits of your actions. Take a moment to rest, meditate and remember your intentions; your path is unfolding, offer up gratitude.

Pentacles represent the element earth and the material world; money, career, and sensuality. The pentacle symbolizes humanity, the five pointed star and the universe. This suit is connected to the season autumn and the planet Saturn.

Pentacles address feelings and perception; they demonstrate persistence, endurance, and practical solutions. They allow you to see if you are at ease with your physical reality, to see if you are grounded. Pentacles peel away layers dealing with money, food, and the way in which you fill your sensual needs.

The number seven shows responsibility, mature thinking and finding the wisdom from within to deal with the outside world. Seven also stokes the fires of desire, it reminds you of what you want and that you have the power to go get it. Follow your dreams, anything is possible!

When the Seven of Pentacles crosses your path you know you have been working hard, focused and intentional. However, this card is requiring you to stop and rest for a moment. This is a time for you to take inventory of how things are going and how you are doing.

Can you see the blossoms blooming? Take in the beauty; allow the splendor of this moment to fill you with joy. You are exactly where you are meant to be, the here and the now. Swim around in it and remember that it is not about the destination as much as it is about the journey itself. Every step you take, take with intention, the intention of your greatest good.

Sometimes when you work really hard for something you get lost in the goal and forget to enjoy the process. The seven of pentacles is your sign post reminding you to enjoy the process because the process is what it is all about!

Remember what your goal is and then release all attachment to how it happens - even if it happens (that is a hard one).

You do not need to control it ..... in fact, you cannot control it. Release control to the Divine and let yourself surrender to life. “Allow life to lead you, don't try to lead life" (Lao Tzu).

Let go of your fear, you are safe and success is close. In fact, it is here! You are a success in this moment, and it is only going to get better from here.

Take this time of reflection to tap into your inner Self, to connect to your true Self, your infinite Self. Allow your intuition to become loud and guide you on your next move. It is through this connection to your Self that you will find your truth, knowledge, and bliss.

You are moving in the direction of your greatest good, there is no wrong way, so relax and have fun. When we remember how to play and make everything we do fun, we start to change everything and doors open to experiences that we never dreamed possible.

If your question is regarding your career, the seven of pentacles tells you that you are seeing the fruits of your actions. All your hard work is paying off, and you will soon see advancement in a way that will bring you happiness and financial security. Allow your confidence to grow and use your power, you have everything you need to progress.

If your question is regarding love and a relationship, there will be a shift and love will flow freely and with great passion. Allow the person you love to be themselves. See the beauty that is there and allow yourself to receive fully. The universe fills you up.....can you feel it?

If your question is regarding your health, the seven of pentacles reminds you to practice meditation and allow it to be a part of your daily routine. Choose who you are and trust in your path. The sun is shining and you can feel the warmth on your skin. It is a time for renewal, growth, and awakening! Remember that this body is your temple but your spirit is who you truly are!

As always we get what we need exactly when we need it! Below is a delicious meditation that goes well with this card. Please enjoy it.

Today's Meditation:

Sit or lay down with a straight spine, get comfortable, relax!

Focus your attention on your breathing for a few moments. Just follow along as it flows in and out of your body.

When you feel relaxed and still, silently to yourself repeat the words:

"Sat Chit Ananda (truth, knowledge, bliss)"

(You can say in English if easier for you. I personally love Sanskrit, but the thing about meditation with mantras is it needs to be comfortable for you. There is no wrong way)

Do this for 10 - 20 minutes. Enjoy!