Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles shows a man who has planted his seeds and is waiting for his harvest.

While some look at this card as a long period of waiting to get what one wants, when I pull it, it primarily focuses on growth, and reaping the rewards of the work you've already put into a situation.

This could have to do with an occupation or career, but also with love and relationships.

In relationships, we always want everything to happen all at once. RIGHT NOW.

Maybe this urgency is the fault of the expectations we get from how love is portrayed in the movies. Maybe it's because we daydreamed something to death and created a narrative over the truth, so our expectations are much too high.

Regardless, we should train ourselves to enjoy the process of getting to know someone in a true way. If this sounds like something you are already doing, keep things down on the ground and see where things go from where you are. Cultivating something real takes time, and time creates depth, which is what you ideally want in a relationship that has significant meaning for you.

Yeah, it's great to be head-over-heels, but what's created beyond is what really counts, and what's even more exciting. We've all felt the rush, but not everyone feels the depth. And that's worth it. So take your time here. See how things roll forward. Enjoy the process.

Do the same thing with what you are creating job-wise. Keep putting your head down and forging ahead, knowing that the effort you are putting in is going to show results.

Again it will just take time, so instead of wasting that time wondering what is going to happen, keep creating things, so even more will unfold later on. Keep ahead of the crops.