Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you've worked hard! You've worked steadily for a long time.

It's time to relax for a bit to enjoy what you have created. Time to bask in the happiness of receiving rewards well-deserved. You have always been a natural giver. That will continue.

But for a while, feel fond of life, what has been created, and the blessings of the universe. Take a little time to soak in the good results.

You have given your all. You set clear intentions. You took benevolent deliberate action. You dealt positively and diligently to erase adversity. You learned and transformed when challenges occurred. You forgave whenever the option to be offended occurred.

You kept a faithful schedule of care. You shared all gains. You stayed focused in gratitude. You agreed to release anything not needed and not helpful. You have been rewarded big time.

Take a rest to breathe in the satisfaction of all this. Let the mind and body rest awhile. Feel how well your choices are being honored by the universal flow. See how trustworthy life is.

It is important to note that while you took action, you were allowing life to support, guide and provide. You purposely worked in balance rather than high drive. For this reason, the rewards of your labor are lasting and trustworthy. It is positive to pause for a while, feeling content from what has come.

Did you find that steady and ongoing labor was your rhythm? Did you choose gratitude as your perspective as you worked? Did you forgive when anything went wrong. Yes you did! Perfection is never required. Your consistent intentions and practices have done you well!

The Seven of Pentacles consciousness is the sturdy good feeling that comes on the out breath after the in breath of applying all of one's strengths to a task.

If you strayed from the path presented by the Seven of Pentacles, you didn't take responsibility and action. You took time off. You relied on hope and wishful thinking. Now you are in a precarious place. You nurtured depression, valueless habit, and distraction, Not to worry. It's never too late. Get to work!

The Seven of Pentacles is the secure resting point after trustworthy and devoted action that has born excellent results over time.


Look back with gratitude on all that you did to get you here.


Breathe in the contentment of what has been accomplished.