Queen of Pentacles

Additional deck interpretation:

The Queen of Pentacles points you towards a path of utilizing feminine strength and compassion as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change when you begin to understand the complexity of women who embody the qualities of confidence, determination, authority, experience, nurturing, generosity, indulgence, mothering, and sensuality.

The Queen of Pentacles is associated with a timing of change, the breaking new ground for improving a personal or professional situation, or both. A dream is taking root because of her dedication and hard work. The pentacle is her guiding star and her intuition opening up – she never ignores her inner voice and she counts all her blessings for what she has achieved.

She is associated with wealth, wisdom, good luck, growth, sexuality, fertility, family, and being social. She is also related to new beginnings and endings.

She needs a professional working career outside the home to feel secure and at her best. She stays true to her beliefs and morals but is versatile, helpful and supports others. She stays composed and does not let emotions rule her life.

This Queen can be another person in your life, an event, or a dormant part of yourself that needs to be activated. You might wonder why the Queen of Pentacles turned up in your reading! Is she trying to tell you something about yourself or about an important event that is surfacing?

Numerical Number 13: This number is associated with transformation, the time when new ground will be broken to achieve a personal/professional dream or both. It consists of: 1 (a new beginning) + 3 (rebirth and creating something new) = 4 (cleansed and purified and ready to build a new foundation).

The Queen of Pentacles is Water of Earth and associated with the elemental aspects of the planet Venus (the morning and evening star that guides you to higher ideals) and the zodiac sign of Taurus. The combination of Venus in Taurus brings the journey of a love for nature, security and wealth. Water is a cleansing and healing energy.

Probable Outcome: You have decided that it's the right time to reinvent yourself, to make way for improvements in a personal or professional situation, or both.

You are helping out a friend, family member or mother figure who is going through a rough patch or crisis.

You have taken a risk and entered into a new relationship, or started a sexual relationship.

For a man, this might be the time when the sperm will meet the egg and you will create a new life. For a woman, you might experience a pregnancy.

You are working with a businesswoman, supervisor, counselor, lawyer, authority figure or client or recently had an interview and are hoping to start a new job or new career in one of these fields.

You might have a green thumb and have a love for nature and want to buy a home and live in the countryside.

Or something might be going on behind the scenes that you can feel, but are not totally sure about, regarding a business deal, or an open enemy who wants you to fail.

Possible Outcome: You are not going to reinvent yourself because you like who you are and how far you have come.

You may become absorbed in your work, neglect your family, or you cut yourself off from a friend, family member or mother figure because you have lost your patience.

You may become isolated and stay at home or you might be smothering rather than nurturing your loved ones.

You have taken a risk and started a new relationship, or started a sexual relationship, but the relationship is not working out the way you thought and you might be close to ending it and cutting all ties.

For a man, this might be a time when you are not ready to create a new life. For a woman, you might experience delays with getting pregnant.

You are working with a businesswoman, supervisor, counselor, lawyer, authority figure or client and the relationship is on the verge of ending because the connection is over and it's time to move on.

You might feel lost or unsure of what area of life (career, work, financial portfolio) to invest in, or you might be on the verge of leaving your job or considering a new career.

Something unexpected might surface and make you deal with an open enemy, or you might need to reach out for immediate assistance to overcome a challenge.

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Queen of Pentacles energies into your lifestyle. If this is the case, then you have arrived at your limitations with others and you might become aggressive and say it the way you see it and not care about the consequences.

Timing: The Queen of Wands is related to an important thought that is turned into action. This event may occur in the next may occur in 1-3 days.