Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles calls today to affirm your path. You are here, this is happening, and all your dreams are coming to fruition. Can you feel it?

This card speaks of abundance, self-reliance and creative energy.

The Nine of Pentacles also suggests control of the mind, a peacefulness rising up from deep within. It reminds you that nothing holds power over you unless you allow it.

You have worked so hard to get here, this is your path and it is unfolding perfectly to take you where you want to go. Part of the message you are receiving today is to remember to allow things to unfold. Release the old ways of thinking you are not worthy or distrusting your path. Fear rises up in times like this and provides you with the opportunity to choose love. Will you choose love today?

You have everything you need to progress and you are moving into a space of security and acceptance. This is the time to once and for all release the past, which does not equate who you are or where you are going. The past is merely a stepping stone and everything has happened to get you right here, right now.

It is up to you to look around and see how far you have come, to see the beauty that surrounds you, the beauty you are made of. You are a part of the whole and you have the power to create anything you want. Stay clear, keep going, it is all Divinely planned for your greatest purpose, for your highest good! Allow yourself to be filled with the radiance of the entire universe and bask in the glory of the light. You, my love, are the light. Shine bright!

If your question today regards love or a relationship, know that it is working out for you. The fear is part of the process. When you open to love you create the opportunity to release fear. However, it must rise up and pass through in order for you to truly let it go.

Trust that you can be free from the past, trust that this moment is the moment that defines who you are. Take time right now to be clear about who you truly are. Remember where you come from and allow the love from your source to fill you and to guide you.

Today's Mediation:

Find a quiet place, relax, slow your breath and listen to your heart beat.

Silently or out loud repeat the words:

"I am whole, I am complete, I am soul."

May love fill you and may all of life come to us all with ease, joy, and bliss.