Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of work and of working things out.

When I typically pull this card in readings for relationships, it usually speaks to situations where the two parties should not give up on each other. If they are having problems, I suggest they try to work on improving their relationship.

It could also point towards allowing your partner to have space in order to work things out on their own.

A lot of times we are quick to jump to conclusions, or quick to jump to permanent solutions (IE breakups) because we don't allow ourselves to trust the time it takes to work on things.

Or maybe we worry that the other person might not find it in themselves to take the necessary time to help repair any rifts that have occurred.

This card is saying things are worth working through. Relationships aren't always easy, but if we allow ourselves to take the time to work on problems, or to let a partner untangle their head in order to come back and make an effort, things can deepen considerably and go to a whole new level.

As far as the card coming up for work, it is telling you this should be your focus at this time. This is not the moment to get caught up in your outside social affairs, but rather to hone in on your job and flourish there.

Perhaps instead of a daily job, you have a project or a business you are starting. Regardless, it calls for your undivided attention.

This card in the Rider Waite deck depicts a man who has gone off in the woods to really hone in on his craft, so you yourself should take on this journey on your own as well.

Ask for help later on if need be, but right now, make it about you and the task at hand.