Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is one of the few cards I don't read as advice, but read as a new opportunity, a gift, or a new start is coming your way. All of the aces indicate fresh energy, this one being the most earthly and material bound.

This card, to me in particular, focuses primarily on abundance.

One way to draw more abundance to you is with an attitude of gratitude. I don't like to tell people to “think more positively" if they want to change their life, because I think saying that lacks depth.

What happens though, when you focus on what you are grateful for, energetically it primes you to be in a much better mental space. Go ahead and try this; if you are feeling overwhelmed or negative right now, take a few minutes with a pad and a pen, and think on a few times where you were grateful for something in the past, then think of a few things you are currently grateful for. This can be small or large.

Regardless, when you are finished, notice how much your energy has shifted. Have you relaxed a little bit? Has your heart gone a little warmer?

To get metaphysical about your experiment, this is you tuning in at a higher vibration in the world. This fine tuning helps you proceed from there towards focusing on having more and attracting it to you - more goodness, more joy, more of what you want.

I think merely focusing on the wealth aspects of the law of attraction are empty, because I think fulfillment and soul-nourishment are just as important, and you can't have these by just focusing on wanting things. Nor can you expect that once you have the things you want, it will provide all the fulfillment you need. Satisfaction maybe, fulfillment at a deep level all the time, no.

Regardless, finding ways to see the world as an abundant giving place will help shift the way things are for you. This takes trust, maybe even a little faking it until making it a little bit, but I promise you the world changes when you change the way you look at it.

As far as this card symbolizing a new start coming up, I'd just like to remind you that every minute of every day any one of you is capable of a new start, and moving on to being the person you want to be, and building a life that's fulfilling for you. Every minute. Maybe even this one right now.