Wheel of Fortune

Round and around you go, where you stop nobody knows… not even you!

The Wheel of Fortune is about life's ups and downs. Think of it as if you are on a merry go round and don't know where to get off as you are never sure if it is the right choice or not.

Something is going on in your mind but you are not ready yet to set in stone what your final decision will be.

If you are waiting for something or someone to give you an answer the Wheel of Fortune shows that this answer may not be forthcoming quickly.

Plans, thoughts and actions need to be thought through more thoroughly and every aspect of the decision looked at. It may be frustrating if you are the one in this position and if you are waiting for an answer just think of how frustrating it is for the person who cannot make up their mind. At least they are looking at every angle to the question and not rushing in with their thoughts quickly.

Others may hold some of the answers you seek before you know your decision. Frustrations may be experienced around waiting for an outcome that seems to have gone on forever but in reality not much time has passed. It is only the whirlpool of indecision that makes it seem as if time is of the essence and a decision must be made.

Keep in mind that if you make a decision quickly then it may be the wrong decision for you in the long run as you didn't wait for all the facts to come to hand.

Likewise, if you are waiting for a decision from someone else on what they are doing then you really don't want to upset the apple cart!