Wheel of Fortune

"We are all on fortune's wheel.... Without a doubt we will rise. We may fall. But still I have no fear of it." - Philippa Gregory

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of the way the native American medicine wheel works. The wheel itself seems to be fashioned out of the cosmic fire and it revolves. Above the wheel is a symbol of hope. All fortunes are the outcomes of the intentions that we set within ourselves.

The Wheel of Fortune turns. There is nothing stationary or static about this wheel just as we do not stand still because we are continuously evolving. Our energy is always moving as we gain more knowledge through our experiences, intuition and our intentions of creativity.

We eventually learn that the peace we seek so strongly comes from the wheel of emotions within us. Finally, when we have learned to wiggle our way through life, we know how to navigate through the system in such a way to get things to go our way. At some point we realize, even so, that no matter how many tricks we have tried to use, it all comes down to how we feel about ourselves and if we feel worthy of positive experiences.

When things go our way, do we consider this to be luck? Do we feel that we make our own luck in life, good and bad? If it's bad, do we feel that something else has conspired against us? Is this what Fortune holds?

The Wheel of Fortune represents more for us in term of our higher Self than what we simply project outward as an expectation or an entitlement. We adapt and change continuously in our beliefs and views about how we see ourselves. We are able to decide whether we want to flip the dice or to make a continuous effort in setting the intentions in place for creativity to take place.

We learn about life through the universal Law of Cause and Effect, stating that for every effect there is a definite cause. Likewise for every cause there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behaviors and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it.

Cause and effect is not only a personal process, but another way to see how we create our own realities. Our seeds of thoughts and intentions that we sow will return to us as the fruits of our labors. The thoughts that we express return to us through actions towards us. If we do not know who we are, we can not learn about our internal wheel of fortune or wheel of life.

It is possible to experience good fortunes through our intentions. We live in an abundantly blessed universe. There is an abundance of everything around us. We are the only ones that experience any kind of loss when we feel inadequate within ourselves. You do not have to live in a sense of need, but in a sense of wholeness. There's more than enough abundance for all of us in this Universe.

We must be able to allow ourselves to receive and share what we have with others, because as much as you give away of what you have received through the many doors of endless possibilities, so sharing allows you to open yourself to receive even more.

The last aspect is very hard to do, because we have had a great deal of fear or disappointments and struggles to acquire our “fortune".

This emotional reaction to how we acquire "fortune" comes from the issue of feeling worthy or unworthy. Feeling worthy has to do with how connected we are to our hearts and our beliefs and in the very important question of our identity.

“Who are we?" If we know who we are we will be recognized by our fruits, intentions, good deeds.

It is important to see the world and its ongoing events as creative. The great medicine wheel will always surround us, and we by the fruit of this world will always surround it. Therefore we must take note of what we wish, because all wishes manifest through thoughts.

The Wheel of Fortune signifies a moment where positive events and miracles should happen. It signifies that there is a door through which you can pass and wish with all your heart for the things you need and knowing that you are worthy of this may just open the door to your personal miracle.

Be in the flow. Know that you have to keep your mind and your heart open to what comes to you, especially in relationships, such as chance meetings, unexpected opportunities or spontaneous events. Be open and grateful when things come to you from the heart. The key is always the heart.

Gratitude allows you to receive gifts and in turn teaches you how to give, so that you may receive.

When you are feeling out of balance, receiving gifts and not acknowledging them with gratitude redirects you towards a path of always feeling needy, or in need.

Medicine: Knowing that you can change your life path is one step towards creating energy and homegrown magic from within your heart to reconnect with the universe. We are the reflections of the universe that we create by our thoughts and our actions. Focus on feeling worthy of everything that you are seeking and would like to accomplish. This focus sets the intention in place for more hearty gifts to come to you.

Mantra: I am worthy, I am grateful.